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About Us

Eydahome soft Furnishing is one of the nation’s leading manufacturer, retailer and exporter of home furnishing items such as bed covers, bed sheets, pillow covers, cushion covers, cushions, curtains, pouffs, carpets, kitchen linen and others. We offer extensive and exclusive range of these products available at the store (catalog) and online as well. We have been exporting this merchandise since a long time and have credentials of catering to the global markets successfully.

The good old weather of shopping home furnishing is here and there is no better time to get off that sofa and spice up one’s abode and office. Whether you are planning to create a perfect royal bedroom setup or you want to go vintage, whether it is bright that you like or sober is more your style, Eyda home soft furnishing is your one stop solution. If you want to redesign your place and are confused, Eydahome can prove to be an Alladin’s cave of tricks and ideas, practical solution as well as sumptuous imagery. Eydahome is the perfect example of ‘Interiorati’ or the perfect Interior solution.

We at Eydahome provide our customers with a unique selection of contemporary yet modern and chic home furnishing merchandise. All our product range is available online, giving customers a wide range to choose the ones that are most suitable for their abode. On our portal, customers can browse through the endless choices available in curtains, bed-sheets, cushions and cushion covers segregated in terms of style, price, fabric quality and availability etc.

‘Home is where the heart is ‘, said the famous Elvis Presley once and we couldn’t have agreed more. Undoubtedly, Home is close to everyone’s heart and thus people are quite careful and sentimental in choosing the perfect home furnishing products as these things that make a house into a home. We at Eyda home make their choices easier as we manufacture products so beautiful, customers are sure to feel happy in decorating their abodes. Our products are not only enchantingly beautiful, but also quite functional. Our product range reflects our client’s rich taste and style. We have hundreds of varieties available with us.

As a home furnishing company, we believe that service is as important as our product range and therefore we have paid detailed attention in developing them and provide our customers with optimum after sale service as well. We pay special attention in developing the products to our own and our end customers’ utmost satisfaction. Right from choosing the right fabrics to getting it dyed in desired colors and prints and constructing the perfect products is our prime agenda and imbibed in the company’s thought process.

When one is trying to set up his/her home, he/she spends a whole lot of time and efforts in choosing the right furniture and home furnishing products. The message is loud and clear that there is a big demand for good quality, well designed, competitively priced and reliable home furnishing products, which is missing in the market. Homemakers are looking for products that can uplift the mood of their homes without digging a deep hole in their pockets.

We at Eyda, spend a lot of time in developing products in accordance to the current trends prevalent in the market so that our products are well updated. Our team has developed a better understanding of the basics of Home Furnishing Industry and home décor space, from the raw material stage through the entire manufacturing process to packaging and delivering products across Indian and International markets. And thus, the glorious journey of Eyda has begun, with many milestones achieved and many more to achieve.

Our designing team travels across the world to get inspiration for designs which have an international taste in it. Through our strong relationships developed with buyers abroad, Eyda has appropriate global exposure to create designs and merchandise in accordance to the local as well as international markets.

Eyda is committed in making decorating homes with home furnishing products easy, affordable and fun at the same time. Ordering our products online is quite simple and taking a follow from our technical support system around the clock makes our customers’ life quite easier. We have an uncomplicated system of ordering products anytime, anywhere and delivering the products anytime, anywhere.

So, whether one chooses to shop our products through our website or catalog or retail stores, one can be sure that one will always find top quality merchandise for one’s abode at the most economical range.