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EYDA's USP. Why choose us ?

USP of Eyda. Why should you choose EYDA for your home furnishing needs ?

Developing a product range is indeed a very tedious task. Today, in this era of cut throat competition, if you are able to satisfy customer then nothing can stop you from ruling the world. While planning the starting and growth of a business, it is important to keep a check on aspects like how to develop a product range as per the needs of a customer and that too keeping in mind the conditions like regulations, competition and other rules. You need to decide, if you can use your existing product range or develop it further or develop a new product range altogether.

USP or Unique Selling Proposition of any company is an important aspect of any organization which wants to pave ahead on the path of success. USP is that one single strategy or aspect of your company which sets you apart in the market and makes the customer associate that particular attribute to your company every time he/she comes across your brand. It is thus very important for any organization to make sure this attribute is good enough to create a positive and trustworthy image of the company in the eyes of the potential customers.

At Eyda, the consumer is considered to be the King just like in any other home furnishing business and accordingly the task of planning and strategies is undertaken. We understand, home décor business, being non-homogeneous, requiring much more than simple business segments. There are numerous opportunities and challenges too, and that’s why we need to have a different USP to stand out in the market. We emphasize more on selecting the product with proper care and that is crucial to ensure that the customer’s interest is kept alive.

We have developed our product range by conducting a proper research in the market and have done it in accordance with our customers’ tastes and preferences. We develop products in the early stage  and are completely aware about timings and seasonality of our range. We make sure our fabrics and trends change in accordance with different seasons to deliver utmost satisfaction to our customers. After choosing the right product, we chose the kind of features that we wanted to have in our range as this is important to us since our customers will associate Eyda and its products with these attributes only.

Our teams look at the product sectors which offers the most opportunities and then create products for our target customers. Our products are well adapted to the requirements in the target market. We make sure to distinguish ourselves from our customers in every aspect may it be price, design, quality, originality, material used etc.

At Eyda, we have given special importance in creating our unique USP which is to provide our customers with our product range comprising of all home décor solutions at the most effective pricing possible. We also make sure to give a great after sale services to our customers which our competitors from the same industry are not able to as they do not pay much heed to it.

Our research and development team ensures that our products like bed sheets, bed linen, kids bedding, cushions, cushion and pillow covers, curtains and curtain accessories are manufactured and developed in such a way that it causes least possible maintenance by our clients. Our brand enjoys a good reputation or goodwill in the market due to our ability to make long term relations with our customers. Eyda does not believe in satisfying our customers in the short run only, instead our idea is to develop such cordial relations with our customers which are long term in nature. We have a good repeat customer value in the market and we aim to have that always.

It is important for us to understand who our customers are what do they want. In order to be assured about our USP strategies, we understand the tendencies of the market clearly with the help of market experts. We want to make sure that our brand is promoted in a way that the customers are most benefitted by it. Everything we do at Eyda is with the motive of providing utmost satisfaction to our customers. We carry out appropriate market research and analysis which is of great importance while doing our product development. It is important for us to be aware of the market trends and to be able to adapt ourselves to meet these demands. Our key product attributes in the home décor merchandise are product quality, design aspect and pricing. Quality is our most driven factor which always motivates Eyda and its employees to deliver only the best in the market.